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At Moving Stills, we are never really still. We work hard, in tune with the trends, in touch with the times and we ensure that our research is thorough before we begin a project. We have access to the best technology in shooting, editing and post-production. We assure all our clients the highest quality sound and visual experience, because high standards is at the core of our work.


Say the word in video and we create it for you. Come to us for corporate videos, viral videos, branded content, television commercials, event videography, time-lapse shoots, stop motion shoots, location permits or line production. We have a young creative team that works efficiently, quickly and with no compromise on quality to give you a magical audio-visual experience.


Glam up your videos with some funky editing, compositing, colour grading or animation. Stand apart from your peers with Moving Stills video and get noticed by potential clients around the world.

The world has shrunk enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Mobile and tablet have opened hitherto unknown doors to us all. These doors are the gateway to new worlds, new businesses and new opportunities.

We at Moving Stills want to help you open those doors and get a foot in. We want to help you communicate. To help you showcase your business and your product in an unforgettable way. Our team is good at that. Very good, in fact.

Moving Stills brings to you a team of unmatched professionals – a journalist with over forty years of experience and a crack young team of maverick film-makers who will probe and find that unique selling point of your business, package it and serve it up to the rest of the world in a delectable manner.

Whichever part of the world you are in, whatever business you do, come to Moving Stills. Our doors are always open. We will design and deliver videos for you that will make an instant connect with prospective clients from across that mini-sized world sitting in your palm. Television commercials, viral videos, corporate videos, whatever you need, this is your one-stop shop for fuss-free and engaging content that your business needs.

And if you work for a worthy cause or for a non-profit organisation, Moving Stills will, as a salute, render services with no charge.

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